Our Mission

is to be an industry leader that serves organizations and institutions who have challenges in the areas of diversity, equity, and inclusion by:

  • Developing a commitment among all stakeholders to high quality assessment, training and content creation, and other forms of strategic planning as part of a sustainable DEI practice that ensures equitable outcomes.
  • Challenging traditional company cultures, their policies, and practices through our methodologies.
  • Facing difficult people and conversations with a willingness to understand and share knowledge and experiences that will promote diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  • Maintaining authenticity and integrity in everything that we do, while we do it.

Our Vision

is to eliminate discrimination and oppression in every institution.

Our Core Values

  • High quality service delivery: Delivering service that is always efficient, groundbreaking, and honest, even if it’s difficult, and always true to our data collection process.
  • Stakeholder self-empowerment: We believe that every employee, partner, client, volunteer, investor, board member, and community we serve empower themselves; we provide the tools to help them along the journey.
  • Influence positive change: Change should always be positive, especially as we work to dismantle and build new systems that fight oppression and discrimination.
  • Promote equitable outcomes: We want every outcome to be equitable, for all of our stakeholders (clients, employees, partners, communities, and more).
  • Continuity of learning and educating: Education is always a vital part of our process and must be continual, not a space where companies can check a superficial box of accomplishment(s).
  • Infinite advocacy and allyship: We recognize our positionalities based on our identities and as both allies and advocates we will always show up as allies or advocates to fight for equality and equity.
  • Courage: To confront all people, places, and things that promote inequity in all spaces. 

We Help Organizations, Small and Large, Build Sustainable Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Strategies.

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