Diverse City Group’s Tri-Sequential Process:

Diverse City Group offers a number of services that are different from other diversity and inclusion consulting firms through our assessment practices and diversity and inclusion workshop sequences. Our model exceeds the single training model offered by other companies. We believe that one-time diversity and inclusion training does not result in sustainable change. Our goal is to create long term relationships that perform a thorough assessment, develop strategy, and implement that strategy, leading to the sustainability of diversity and inclusion in everyday company policies and practices.

Diverse City Group’s Tri-Sequential Process:

  • Diverse City Group will begin the partnership by assessing your company’s areas of need. This process involves any stakeholders who have initiated the relationship and management at every level. We will work with employees at every level in the organization as well as the board of directors to pull demographic and intersectional data by conducting surveys, focus groups, one on one interviews, etc. of employees to gauge where areas of improvement exist in your company. We estimate this process can take anywhere from one week to three months.
  • We will analyze all the data collected and produce a report for your leadership. We will recommend an approach and strategy along with action steps and deliverables to improve the current state of the workplace. We estimate this process can take one week to one month to complete.

  • Diverse City Group will work with leadership and appropriate staff to create and implement metrics for assessment of implementation and devise a strategy for the facilitation of training/workshops, diversity coaching, professional development plans, creating diversity statements, creating deliverables and policy, or other services. During this time, we will also establish a timeline and process of continual assessment. This phase can take one week to three months to complete. Remember: change in diversity and inclusion can take time; it does not and will not happen overnight.

  • Diverse City Group will work with your organization to implement the strategy developed in phase two. This can include a diversity policy and strategy, goals and deliverables, customized organizational training, political strategy and community outreach to build sustainable diverse relationships.
  • While we generally do not itemize workshop topics in a proposal or even on a contract, Diverse City Group offers a series of workshops that build upon creating self-awareness, data analysis, practical implementation, and developing continual consciousness. The series includes multiple levels and will be crafted according to your company’s need. The series can focus on addressing topics such as, but not limited to:
    • An Introduction to Diversity and Inclusion in Your Organization/Business
    • Organizational Intercultural Communication: Sharing as You’re Shifting
    • Redefining Your Mission and Vision with a Lens of Diversity and Inclusion
    • Implicit/Unconscious Bias
  • Creating Self-Awareness and Evaluating Origins of Bias
  • Acknowledging and Addressing the Presence of Bias in our Workspaces

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